Port Fairy project


The Port Fairy Pilot Wave Energy Project involves the design, construction, installation and testing of a full-scale bioWAVE pilot plant equipped with a 250kW O-Drive module.  Design and project development were completed during 2012-2014.  The bioWAVE unit was constructed during 2014-2015, and project installation (including onshore equipment, subsea cable, bioWAVE and O-Drive) was completed during 2015-2016.  The project is scheduled for operation and testing during 2017. Data acquired from the project, and experience gained, will be used in the further commercialisation of the bioWAVE and O-Drive concepts.

  • The bioWAVE pilot project is located near Port Fairy, Victoria Australia, with full exposure to Southern Ocean swell;
  • The project is intended to test and demonstrate the bioWAVE and O-Drive technologies at a full-scale grid-connected site for up to 12 months;
  • Funding for the project has been provided by BPS, ETIS (Vic. Government), and ARENA (Aust. Government).


Documents and Notices

Port Fairy project updates


Community Support

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Community Information Session at the Victoria Hotel on 28 September.  Despite the rain, we had a good crowd on hand with many insightful questions.  BPS is grateful for the ongoing support of the community of Port Fairy and the Moyne Shire.


Public Information Session

There will be a Public Information Session in Port Fairy on 28 September 2016, at 7pm, in the Drill Hall at the Victoria Hotel 42 Bank Street. All are welcome to come along and hear about progress on the Port Fairy Wave Energy Project.

Other projects

BPS is currently developing a pipeline of future wave and tidal energy projects. Project sites have been identified in Australia and USA, and further project sites are under investigation.  

Development of the Port Fairy site for follow-on testing of bioWAVE technologies, or for expansion, may be considered following assessment of the outcomes of the current project.

BPS is currently pursuing new project opportunities targeting micro-grid, off-grid, and island locations.


  • BPS has identified project sites in Australia and USA and has completed various stages of feasibility, permitting, and design;
  • New island-based and remote-location sites are being identified for early market penetration;
  • Project economics are viable in the near-term, based on displacement of diesel fuel supply in isolated locations;
  • Next-generation BPS technologies are being designed to be equally applicable to remote-location installations and mainland grid supply.