bioSTREAM concept

The bioSTREAM is a unique system for extracting energy from tidal currents, and converting this energy into grid-quality electricity.  Based on the concept of an oscillating hydrofoil, the bioSTREAM borrows traits from advanced marine species to optimise efficiency.  This application of biomimicry results in a slow moving multi-directional system, which does not have the inherent drawbacks and anticipated environmental impacts of more traditional rotary turbines.

bioSTREAM is protected by patents in all potential markets worldwide.



How it works

The bioSTREAM is designed to extract energy from the tidal currents.  The patented lunate-shaped fin of the bioSTREAM is actuated in a controlled manner to continuously maintain an angle-of-attack corresponding to peak lift force.  The lift force drives rotary motion of the tail structure about a fixed foundation.  Hydraulic cylinders contained in the tail deliver high-pressure fluid to an O-Drive, where the energy in the fluid is converted to electricity.  



The bioSTREAM offers specific advantages over more traditional rotary turbines.

  • Patented lunate-shaped fin provides for high-efficiency energy capture;
  • Unique "weather-vaning" mode provides protection during storm surge or high-flow conditions;
  • Slow sweeping motion is environmentally benign, with low risk of impact on marine species;
  • Continuous alignment with the flow direction maximises energy capture;
  • Modular installation, allowing convenient O&M.


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