O-Drive concept

The O-Drive is a standardised power-conversion module for use in wave, tidal and wind energy installations and in specialised industrial applications.  It is self-contained, and can be deployed subsea, near-surface, or in any exposed location on land.  Most ocean or wind energy systems, or any other randomly moving structure, can readily produce an irregular or pulsating flow of hydraulic fluid.  The O-Drive receives the flow from these systems and converts the energy to smooth grid-quality AC electricity.  O-Drive is fully-automated and equipped with energy storage to maintain a steady power output across short-term variations in the driving source.  The standard steady output capacity of a single O-Drive module is 250kW.

O-Drive is protected by patents in all potential markets worldwide. To discuss customised built-to-order O-Drives for your project, please contact BPS.


How it works

There are many types of energy harvesting systems that move very slowly, or have an irregular or oscillating motion.  These systems are readily fitted with hydraulic cylinders or pumps, which can convert the mechanical energy into pressure energy contained in the hydraulic working fluid.  O-Drive receives the irregular hydraulic flow, and uses onboard storage to partially smooth the flow, which is then fed to a high-speed hydraulic turbine that is coupled to an electric generator. The electricity is shaped by power electronics and delivered to the grid or end-user by cable. The power flow and system functions are fully automated.  Internet enabled software tools allow the operator to access data in real-time and to update machine control parameters from any location.







The O-Drive is compatible with virtually any wave, tidal or wind technology.  It is capable of receiving an irregular supply of hydraulic flow, from the primary energy system, and converting this energy into continuous electricity.  For wave energy systems, this capability is particularly advantageous, due to the reciprocal motion inherent to waves.  For tidal and wind systems, the O-Drive can replace a mechanical gearbox and provides additional energy smoothing and shaping potential.

O-Drive was developed by BPS and has undergone extensive on-grid testing at full scale (250kW).  Key features and benefits of the O-Drive include the following:

  • A transportable and self-contained module, designed for subsea and weather-exposed sites;
  • Easily detachable and retrievable for servicing;
  • Fully-automated, with proprietary software control;
  • Includes power-shedding and short-duration ride-through capability;
  • Testing of all system functions has been witnessed and verified by DNV-GL;
  • Configurable to provide 'static inertia', using in-built storage, to support grid stability and frequency control.



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