Wave Energy System

The bioWAVETM is being developed for utility-scale power production from ocean waves.

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Power Take-Off Module

Ocean energy company, BioPower Systems (BPS), has completed the construction.

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New cable installed at bioWAVE project site

A new subsea cable has been installed at the bioWAVE project site near Port Fairy, Australia. The 1100m armoured cable transmits AC electricity at 3.3kV and contains multiple fibre-optic lines for data transfer. This cable section is protected by an articulated iron pipe system and replaces a previous cable section that was damaged in 2016.


BPS trials new ocean wave forecasting system

BPS has announced that it has completed the development of a new ocean wave forecasting system. The automated system utilises regional wave forecasts combined with fine-scale wave propagation models to predict the conditions as specific site locations. The technology is critically important for operating wave energy projects and could also be useful for aquaculture, fishing, diving, and oil&gas operations.


One year of wear and tear in the Southern Ocean

BPS has been maintaining equipment at the Port Fairy project site in fully exposed Australian Southern Ocean conditions for one year. The spread of equipment includes navigation buoys, moorings, cables and connectors, and bioWAVE plant. This experience is critical for locating weak points, and preparing solutions to be implemented in future designs.